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    Pepperdine University

    Board of Regents

    The Board of Regents is the legal governing body and chief policy board of the University. Life Regents are recognized and honored for their extraordinary service as past Board of Regents members. The University administration works with the Board of Regents to shape policy and direction for the University. The leadership provided by these distinguished and committed men and women is greatly valued.

    James A. Gash, JD '93
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Pepperdine University

    Edwin L. Biggers
    President (Retired)
    Hughes Missile Group

    M. Brett Biggs
    Executive Vice President
    and Chief Financial Officer
    Walmart Inc.

    Sheila K. Bost
    Marriage and Family Therapist
    Private Practice

    Charles L. Branch, Jr.
    Professor of Neurosurgery
    Wake Forest University Health Center

    Dale A. Brown, '64
    Moriah Group, Petroleum Strategies

    Janice R. Brown
    Circuit Judge (Retired)
    United States Court of Appeals
    for the DC Circuit

    Jose A. Collazo, MBA '77
    Vice Chair and President (Retired)
    Form I-9 Compliance, LLC

    Nancy M. De Liban
    Executive Vice President
    Athene Asset Management, L.P.

    Shelle Ensio
    Engineer and Owner
    Ballast Technologies

    Terry M. Giles, JD '74 (Vice Chair)
    President and Owner
    Giles Enterprises

    Seth A. Haye, '02
    Executive Director
    Portfolio Management Director
    Morgan Stanley

    Michelle R. Hiepler, JD '89 (Assistant Secretary)
    Law Offices of Hiepler & Hiepler

    Gail E. Hopkins, '66, MA '74
    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Peter J. Johnson, Jr.
    Leahey & Johnson, P.C.

    John D. Katch, '60
    District Manager (Retired)
    Southern California Edison Company

    Dennis S. Lewis, '65
    President and Owner
    Chesapeake Holding Company, LLC

    John T. Lewis, '83
    Eugene Lewis & Associates

    Kimberly J. Lindley
    Community Leader

    Faye W. McClure, '78
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Urban Advantage Insurance Services

    Michael T. Okabayashi
    Ernst & Young LLP

    T. Danny Phillips

    Timothy C. Phillips, '87 (Secretary)
    Chief Executive Officer
    Phillips and Company

    John L. Plueger
    Chief Executive Officer and President
    Air Lease Corporation

    James R. Porter
    Porter Capital Partners

    Frederick L. Ricker (Vice Chair)
    Vice President and General Manager (Retired)
    Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

    Harold R. Smethills
    Sterling Ranch Development Company

    Dee Anna Smith, '86 (Chair)
    Chief Executive Officer
    Sarah Cannon

    Rosa Mercado Spivey
    Physician/Medical Director (Retired)
    Los Angeles Unified School District

    Stephen M. Stewart
    Stewart Brothers Properties LLC

    Augustus Tagliaferri, MBA '74
    Chair and President
    Financial Structures, Inc.

    Marta B. Tooma
    Philanthropic Dentist

    Robert L. Walker, MA '66
    Senior Partner
    The Walker Consulting Group
    Senior Executive for Development (Retired)
    Texas A&M University

    Jay S. Welker
    The Amahoro Fund

    Life Regents

    Joe R. Barnett
    Lodwrick M. Cook
    Jerry S. Cox
    Glen A. Holden
    Jerry E. Hudson
    Eff W. Martin
    Russell L. Ray, Jr.

    Travis E. Reed
    Susan F. Rice (EdD '86)
    Carol Richards
    B. Joseph Rokus ('76)
    William W. Stevens, Jr.
    Thomas J. Trimble
    J. McDonald Williams

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